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Simulated Work Environment

This Simulated Working Environment (SWE) utilises Caterpillar Production Systems (CPS), and has enabled them capture over 4000 improvement ideas from their own staff.

The savings accrued are in excess of £2 million and improvement suggestions from Caterpillar staff in Peterlee alone numbered 6500.

42 different companies and Organistaions have utilised the SWE from as diverse industries as Banking to Food, Automotive to Clothing, and following these courses, some of these organisations have now adopted the tools and techniques learnt.

The SWE is not only an excellent hands on Lean Training course but is also used for Team Building, Problem Solving and to improve Visual management and Communication.

There is only 1 other CPS SWE in England (Peterborough) and 24 throughout the world.

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Simulated Working Environment (SWE)

Simulated Working Environment (SWE) Read More

Business Improvement Techniques/ Lean

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